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Scott Hogan, Director/Business Development Manager

Scott is one of the Directors at Infotech and joined as Business Development Manager with Chris Hogan when they purchased the business from Peter Horsley in February 2011. With over 8 years of experience in the IT industry Scott’s main role is to oversee and co-ordinate the provision of services to ensure they are timely, complete and cost effective. Scott has tertiary qualifications in Business Administration and Training.

Chris Hogan, Director/Technical Manager

Chris, a Senior Engineer, is one of the Directors at Infotech and joined from Mars Information Services in January 2010 initially as an employee before purchasing the business from Peter. Chris has a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and numerous industry and other tertiary qualifications. Chris has been involved with delivering IT Service solutions for over 15 years. Chris has a major responsibility in evaluating and the investigation of future technologies and software solutions together with managing existing client base.

Chris Jones, Director/Project Manager

Chris is a Senior Engineer, and also one of the Directors at Infotech. He has joined from previously working with Brown Brothers and as an employee previously at Infotech. He is responsible for the day to day account management of Infotech Clients and based on the feedback is well respected because of his commitment, technical competence and his ability to communicate with the end users. Chris completed his Bachelor of Information Technology at CSU in 2003 and now has over 10 years’ experience in the industry.

Phil Podmore, Director/Service Desk Manager

Phil is a Senior Engineer and joined Infotech in October 2012 after a 13 Year career in the Signals Corps of the Australian Army. Phil has extensive experience and training in IT security and communications technologies including Cisco as well as Microsoft systems and hardware. Phil maintains his existing client base as well as having a special interest in building bulletproof systems.

Ben Cann, IT Engineer

Ben is completing a degree in Information Technology at Charles Sturt University and has already completed a Diploma in Information Technology at TAFE. Ben is currently completing his Cisco training. Ben has excellent communication skills and relates well to clients. Ben is employed as an IT Technician although his skills and technical ability are growing rapidly.

Emma Rolfe, Book Keeper

Emma joined Infotech as our Bookkeeper in 2011. She has been a Medical Practice Manager in the local region for 13 years and brings with her a wealth of experience in administration and Customer relations.