Managed IT Services

Infotech can function as your IT department or in conjunction with your existing IT department to provide specialist support services. We offer service levels from “Break Fix” to full “Managed Service” options.

Network Monitoring

Infotech can monitor virtually all aspects of your network infrastructure.

We perform proactive monitoring of your critical devices and provide notification alerts should there be a detected failure. We also monitor threshold alarms, ensuring that when a network/server problem exists, you are made aware of the issue for immediate correction resulting in a substantially lower amount of downtime. Below are some areas that we monitor.

  • Backup Success

  • Security Breaches

  • System/Error Logs

  • Internet Connectivity Uptime

  • Current Anti-Virus State

  • System Uptime and Performance Usage

  • Software Audit and Inventory

  • Hard Drive Health and Capacity Usage

  • Terminal Services

  • Website Construction & Maintenance

  • Website Hosting

  • Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Technology