Is your IT partner best practice? 10 ways to tell.  

Expert IT support is critical to business growth and success. With the pace of change and innovation in IT at an all-time high, companies who don’t have expert partners to help them grow and stay up-to-date with the latest technology, client solutions and services, will get left behind.

Best practice IT is also critical when times are tough. When the unthinkable happens, like outages, missing data or security breaches, the last thing you want is average IT support bumbling their way through. So how do you know if you’ve got average or expert IT support? Well, the best in IT will offer you the 10 services below.

10 best-practice services only offered by the best in IT

 1.     The highest standard of security. You’re set up with a current, secure IT system as a priority. Your businesses data, productivity and overall security are in safe hands, minimising business risks and alleviating stress.

2.     A genuine customer-first service. You can call on your IT partner anytime, anywhere. They monitor your system and support your business around the clock.

3.     Rapid resolution and problem solving. The technical problem solving and proactive IT support of your partner means you get rapid-fire responses to high-priority issues. Nothing falls through the cracks. Your tickets are resolved quickly and issues have gone down.

4.     A strategy based on your needs. Your IT partner asks the right questions about your business and objectives, then customises solutions for you. They work together with you to create a vision and strategic plan for your IT investment.

5.     A partnership. You see your IT team as less of a provider and more of a partner. They want to know where you’re heading and care about helping you to meet your bigger picture business goals.

6.     Future-proof solutions. Things change fast in IT, so your IT partner should be at the cutting-edge of business information technology. They ensure your business is two steps ahead when it comes to the latest updates, advances and innovations, and all within a long-term IT plan.

7.     Exceptional operations. Your provider should meet with you quarterly to discuss new technology, systems, budgets, issues, key business decisions and upcoming projects. Day-to-day operations are smooth and you wonder how you ever did without it.

8.     Counsel and advice for you as CEO. Your provider has formed a strong relationships with you as the CEO. They provide expert counsel and guidance whenever you need, because you’re the boss.

9.     A seamless transition. Your IT team make sure any transitions from other IT providers, platforms, software or technology are seamless.

10.   Confidence and peace of mind. If you have a truly expert partner taking care of IT, suddenly the security concerns, issues and worries about the future all fade away.


If you’re getting all of these services from your current provider or partner, you know they’re experts. And if you’re not, you may be working with an average provider. Your business deserves the best. If you suspect you’re getting below-average services and solutions, it might be time you switched to strategic, responsive IT.

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